Tom Wilson’s Massive Hit Leaves Blue Jackets’ Josh Anderson Shaken Up
  • Columbus Blue Jackets’ Josh Anderson went to the locker room after he was on the receiving end of a huge Tom Wilson hit.
  • Josh Anderson was forced to leave the game after this clean.
  • Anderson wasn’t expecting to be hit that hard as Wilson was the one carrying the puck.
  • Jackets fans are complaining about the hit, but to be honest : IT WAS A CLEAN HIT.
  • The only argument here is that Wilson aimed for the chest instead of the shoulder.
  • So of course, the impact is much violent if you get hit right on the chest.
  • Once again, you don’t necessarily have to get hit to the head to feel the symptoms of concussion.
  • Most of the time, it’s the force of the impact itself that is responsible for the head injury.
  • Specially when your body is not expecting the contact.
NHL Highlights | Capitals vs. Blue Jackets – Feb 12, 2019

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