• The Montreal Canadiens fans are look for every way to mock Carey Price.
  • Last night against the Vegas Golden Knights, Antti Niemi was giving the thumbs up by Claude Julien to start the game.
  • A rare situation considering that Carey Price always start the games on a saturday night in Montreal.
  • Some fans decided to modify their #31 jersey with a new name in the back: Antti Niemi.
  • Claude Julien won his bet as the Montreal¬† Canadiens found another way to win with Niemi in the nets.
  • Maybe Marc Bergevin jinked Carey by comparing him to Tuukka Rask at the beginning of the season.
  • Tuukka Rask hasn’t been performing for the Boston Bruins since the beginning of the season and has now been putted aside for mental issues.
  • Now the cherry on top is that not only Rask and Price are not performing, but the Boston Bruins number one goalie today is none other than Jaroslav Halak.
  • That’s a pretty weird karma.
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