There is a new movie coming out.

It’s a remake of 1966 the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

This one might not be as good as the first one, but certainly funnier.

Although some might consider it as a horror movie.

Here are the three main characters of this story:


There is the GOOD, interpreted by montreal’s head coach, Claude Julien.

How did Claude managed to play this role?

Well simply because Julien is a good guy.

Everywhere he goes people seem to like him.

Players like him, fans like him, and the most important thing,

journalists love him.

But you know what we say Claude:

Nice guys finish last!!!


Right in the middle, there is the leading character, the BAD.

interpreted by Marc Bergevin himself.

This one is the complete opposite of the first one.


Simply because he’s bad at his job.

Nobody likes him.

Players, fans and journalists want his head.

But like Tony Montana said in Scarface:

” You need people like me so you can point your fuckin’ fingers and say, That’s the bad guy

You need people like me…”

Without Bergevin, who would we blame for this national disaster?

Even though it’s all your fault Berguy… hahahahah


And finally, there is the UGLY.

This secondary character is being played by Geoff Molson himself.

Molson is just an ugly guy that comes from a wealthy family and wants to create a name

for himself in the hockey world business.

But Molson is a Marketing guy, not a hockey operator.

You never played in the NHL buddy, so stop pretending you know

anything about hockey because Daddy owned the team  when you were a kid.

Leave the hockey decisions to a real hockey operator, Stephane Quintal, for exemple.

You’re the Ugly boss… that’s the bottom line…


to be continued…



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