The Montreal Canadiens is one of the most legendary organisation in North America.

The Club’s history was written by numerous Stanley Cup championship, 24 times the Habs

have celebrate on St-Catherine street which still make them the most victorious hockey team

ever. But unfortunately, there is a downfall to every story. It not only take legends to write history, but

bad boys also. And sometimes legends could turn out bad as well.

So when a player rebels against “The Sainte Flanelle”, there is only one way they know how

to fix it… They trade him…


Here’s a TOP 13 of a habs gone wrong and got traded for it:

13. Jiri Sekac fooling around and partying

After all the excitation surrounding the signature of Jiri Sekac

by Marc Bergevin during the offseason. It only took Jiri a couple of

months to find his was out of Montreal.

It took everyone by surprise when Sekac was traded during the same

season. Nobody seemed to understand the trade. But time can be

your worst and best enemies at time.

Rumor has it that Jiri Sekac had a bad habit of partying all the time, but that’s not

the end of it. Something went sour with his czech teammate, Tomas plekanec.

After welcoming the young stud in his house to accommodate him, Plekanec

later found out that Sekac was fooling around with his wife.

Come on Jiri!!!! Boys before hoes!!!!

Plekanec later got divorce … sad story for everyone…



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