This Player had a major gambling problem. Funny how money is never enough.

In fact, the more you have, the more you want. Gambling, like drugs, sex and food, can quickly

become an addiction if you have tendency to follow your impulsions.

But it doesn’t matter if you gamble for 1 million or 2 dollars, when you’re an addict, the amount

is not a factor. You find yourself trapped in your betting system with no way out.

You lie to your friends, your family, your entourage, but mostly, you lie to yourself. Telling yourself that

you’re in control and that you understand how it works.

In this case,  this NHL player found himself deep in the hole and gambled

for more than a million dollar. He never admitted that he was sick, and so, it intoxicated his life

and had no choice but to make a change in his career.

 Hockeytroll gives you 10 tries to figure out who he is:

HINT #1:  He is a 2 times Stanley Cup winner


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