If you made the mistake of cheating and got caught, you may now be asking the question, “now what?”

Your marriage does not necessarily have to end because you had an affair. Even though admitting an affair

to your spouse will cause much heartache and anger, your marriage can survive. This will only happen if you

truly regret your decision to cheat and if you are not just having regrets that you got caught. But cheating with

your teammates wife or girlfriend is a complete different story especially if you are a professional athlete under

the spotlight.  Not only you will have to deal with fixing your relationship itself, but also

dealing with the media, fans and other teammates and opponents gossiping about it.

Here is the TOP 10 NHL players you don’t present to your wife.


10. Dion Phaneuf

This was the main reason why Dion Phaneuf was traded to the Toronto

Maple Leafs. The clumsy defenceman was cut having an affair with

Craig Conroy’s wife during the regular season back in 2010. This incident

affected the whole team during the season, and the Calgary Flames had no choice

but to trade Dion.


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