All coaches are angry, it’s in their nature. They are born arguers who have bullied their way

into lucrative positions, and they are constantly dealing with larger than life egos. Even in the

National Hockey league, some coaches, some good and some bad, were not able to handle themselves under

highly unfair situations. There is something about watching someone’s blood boil that gets every spectator

pumped up. Here is our top 10 of coaches getting angry and losing their cool.

10. Herb Brooks vs Jacques Demers 87-88

In one of the great displays of coaching rage, Red Wings bench boss Jacques Demers literally tries to

swim over his players to get his hands on the late Herb Brooks, who was with the Minnesota North Stars

at the time. Brooks looks like he’s having some fun. His team won 8-3 that night but Demers was furious

in what was one of the more memorable moments from the 1987-88 season.


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