9. Alex Radulov vs Bergevin

Marc Bergevin finds himself another time on this top 10. Does that surprise you?

Back in july 2016, Bergevin made what turned out to be a very successful gamble

with Russian Superstar Alex Radulov by giving him a one year try out with the canadiens for

only 5 million a year, considering that Tom Wilson makes more than that today.

That being said, things began to turn sour when the russian became more and

more useful to the team. Radu took advantage of that during his negotiations with Marc.

In fact, when Marc understood how much Radu wanted, a six year contract for 8 millions a year,

he immediately shut down the negotiations with Radu’s agent. But the relation really ended on July 1st 2017, when

Bergevin when out publicly during his press conference  to say that if you are looking for loyalty, then you should get a dog…

Radulov then accepted the Dallas Stars offer the next day. We can easily say that in this case, the montreal canadiens fans are the biggest losers here


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