7. Tyler Seguin vs Peter Chiarelli

On July 4, 2013, during the subsequent NHL off-season, Boston traded Seguin,

along with Rich Peverley and Ryan Button, to the Dallas Stars in exchange for Loui Eriksson,

Reilly Smith, Matt Fraser and Joe Morrow. Apparently, Chiarelli and Neely agreed that

Seguin’s attitude didn’t fit the mentality in Boston. Eventually, Seguin became one of the top 5

goal scorer in the league with the Dallas Stars. Chiarelli, on the other hand, was fired and went on

destroying another team, the Edmonton Oilers. Ironically, he traded another top prospect, Taylor Hall,

who was drafted first overall by the oilers. That year, the Oilers were to make a choice between Tyler Seguin

and Taylor Hall. They both got traded by the same GM and they both reached their expectations and potential elsewhere. 


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