6. Ryan O’Reilly vs everybody

As far as stories go, the way the O’Reilly trade progressed was a pretty dramatic one. After his rookie contract, O’Reilly and the Colorado Avalanche hit their first of what would be many snags, as he opted to stay in Russia until he got a contract offer he liked. The league was just getting under way after the lockout, and this left Colorado without its leading scorer from the year before.

hings got more dramatic when the Calgary Flames signed O’Reilly, then a restricted free agent, to an offer sheet that the Avs immediately matched. The tricky part with this offer sheet was that the second year of the contract was substantially higher than the first, meaning that Colorado would have to qualify him at a much higher number the next time his contract came up. This move led to the next negative turn in their relationship.

Once it was time to negotiate again, the Avalanche almost immediately filed for salary arbitration with O’Reilly, a move that was widely met with criticism. It made more sense for Colorado so they didn’t have to risk another offer sheet or long holdout. The arbitration never happened, as the two sides agreed to another two-year contract moments before the scheduled meeting. Unfortunately, any hope fans had of the two sides reconciling their differences faded quickly.

Later on, Ryan O’Reilly was traded to the St. Louis Blues by the Buffalo Sabres  for three forwards and two draft picks.

During the past season, O’reilly has gone on fighting with own teammate Jack Eichel


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