3. Jonathan Drouin vs Steve Yzerman

Back in 2016, Jonathan Drouin was obviously not happy with his ice time

in Tampa Bay. During that year, the team decided to send him down to the minors,

but instead of showing up in Syracuse, Drouin decided to go on a strike and request 

a trade to his agent. But Yzerman resisted by suspending Drouin until otherwise. Drouin 

finally accepted to bend, and went on to play in Syracuse. Later that year, Drouin was called up

and ended up to be one of the most productive player of the lightning during their playoff run.

A year later, Drouin found himself in the middle of a blockbuster deal between the Montreal

canadiens and the Tampa Bay Lightning swapping the young french canadian star for the Big Stud defenceman, Mikhail Sergachev.

Up to this day, we still don’t have a clear idea of who won the trade, but we got a feeling that Sergachev will win a cup before Drouin.


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