3. Flyjin

417, rue St-Pierre, H2Y 2M4

Flyjin serves predominantly Japanese fare but also explores flavours from China, Korea, Thailand and Vietnam.

Sophisticated and mysterious, it has a unique concept offering on the one hand a restaurant with

Asian influences of about one hundred places, and also a vibrant bar where you can find a wide selection of

Japanese whiskey, sakes, wines and exclusive Japanese beers. At 11pm, the Flyjin transforms itself completely

to the night and to welcome a crowd of clubbers in the its underground space. Players like Carey Price and Alex Galchenyuk

were more than regulars at the place. All though, Carey Price was pretty quiet at night, we cannot say the same for Galchenyuk.

One of the barman even had a conversation with Carey Price regarding his teammate.


You should keep an eye on number 27

said the Barman to Carey after spotting him oftenly with his bottle of water at the bar.

Now, for those who doesn’t know, MDMA is a drug that can make people feel euphoric and empathetic.

Molly is the street name for powder or crystal MDMA, often sold in capsules.

Ecstasy is the street name for pill form of MDMA. One of the most common side effect is dry mouth.

Shortly after this event, Alex Galchenyuk was asked to sign up  to Detox according to Mario Tremblay


I do not know which fly Galchenyuk stung, but in my opinion, first of all, we know he had problems

off the ice. It can be mentioned that he has been in two courses of the NHL. One or two, but I think it’s two,

Tremblay said



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