1. Grinder

1708 Notre-Dame St W, Montreal, QC H3J 1M3

On the menu, raw & cooked items: tartars, tatakis, ceviches, carpaccios, etc. Also on the menu, steaks and

grilled or braised pieces of meats, all to be shared. Grinder also offers a variety of fish and seafood, served

cooked or raw as well. This is one of the favorite places for hockey players around the NHL. And it’s also

our hometown boy, Marc Bergevin‘s favorite place to resign players. Yes, earlier this summer, Marc Bergevin

was spotted having a meeting with Tomas Plekanec to resign his new contract with the habs. Later that night, Marc Bergevin was

having a friendly conversation with one of the Barman about his team and here is what Bergevin had to say about his players:


” Si les joueurs veulent plus jouer, M’EN CALISSS!!! ”  Bergevin said

Translation: ” If players don’t want to play, I don’t give a damn…

Who gives a damn when you’re getting paid 2.5 mils a year until 2022.

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