6Michel Therrien vs Robbie Ftorek 2002 

With 1:17 left in game 4 of the Eastern Conference Quarter Final, Bruins’ Kyle McLaren hit

Canadiens’ Zednik with an elbow that knocked out Montreal’s leading scorer. McLaren was given

a five-minute match penalty. Zednik was unconscious as he was treated on the ice for about five minutes.

He was later removed on a stretcher. Zednik was hospitalized overnight with a severe concussion,

broken nose and a big cut under his right eye.

Boston defenseman Kyle McLaren said he wasn’t trying to hurt Richard Zednik when he knocked him

out with an elbow to the head. Canadiens coach Michel Therrien didn’t buy it, and threatened retaliation

against the Bruins’ top players.

If they try to go after our best players … we have no choice — we’ll go after theirs.”

If you advance the video to 9:04, you can actually Therrien all fired up making hand gesture

and threatening Ftorek that they were all gonna go down.


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