3Jim Schoenfeld vs Don Koharski 1988

May 6, 1988.  A day that will live in infamy for the National Hockey League.  Disagree? 

Maybe you don’t remember the black eye moment that took place after Game Three of the

Eastern Conference Finals.  The New Jersey Devils had just lost to the Boston Bruins 6 to 1

when things really turned ugly. New Jersey Head Coach Jim Schoenfeld confronted

referee Don Koharski after the game.  (Remember, in those days, hockey games had only one referee). 

Thanks to the video footage, some of the unknowns of that event have been cleared up. 

There was never any doubt about Schoenfeld confronting Koharski, or that he verbally assaulted him. 

However, the video appears to show that Schoenfeld didn’t actually bump Koharski. 


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