7. Max Pacioretty, Montreal Canadiens

Wanted for bad performances and betrayal

For months now we have been hearing rumors of a potential trade involving Montreal Canadiens

captain Max Pacioretty, a perennial 30+ goal scorer and the kind of player that usually does not get traded,

especially not while wearing the “C.” The rumors however became so persistent that they became

impossible to deny as the captain’s performances really started to drop. Therefore, Marc Bergevin had no choice but 

to place Max Pacioretty on the trade block. But the story doesn’t end there as Max refused an offer from the LA kings

as if the the money offered for an extension contract wasn’t enough for him. Now, rumor has it that Pacioretty won’t 

present himself to the next training camp in Montreal. I guess that the prolific goal scorer is now stuck in the Mek of hockey

until otherwise. Way to go for a captain!


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