1. Alexei Yashin, Ottawa Senators / New York Islanders

Wanted for betrayal and bad performances on the ice

Alexei Yashin served as captain of the Ottawa Senators for one season. It was the 1998-99 season,

and when it came to an end Yashin refused to honor the final year of his deal, instead demanding a raise.

The Senators, of course, refused to comply, and the standoff led to the Sens stripping Yashin of the “C” and

eventually suspending him for the entire 1999-00 season.

Alexei Yashin then was traded to the Islanders where he served two years as captain right after the 2005 lockout

until his departure to Russia after the 2006-07 season. The reason Yashin left? Well, he was bought out because

he was, quite frankly, awful at hockey by the time he hit the Island.

The buyout meant that Yashin would be on the Islanders’ payroll until the end of the 2014-15 season, and he was.

This one was an easy decision. Now for all those obvious reasons, I think it’s not easy to argue that

 Yashin is the worst captain ever.


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